Thursday, 22 January 2009

Crazy Shit!

My first ever freaking accident. Well, I don't have pics to show it to ya cuz I was scared shitless but.. I can describe it to you.

To cut a long story short, I was guiding Melvin to the old Bukit Raja mall in Klang. It was drizzling but it was pretty heavy earlier so the roads are kind of wet and slick. I was using the first junction, heading towards the Federal Highway. I think (I seriously think xD) that I was going a little too fast. Well 50-60 km on a wet road isn't that bad right? Little did I know...

Immediately after the traffic light, I turned right; cutting an ah-beng-loud-exhaust Saga. I manuvered the cuvy road and all that and I reached this tiny hill, kind of like a bump. Just when I got on it I realised I was going a little too fast (a little being an understatement) and so I applied a little brakes but then it was too late. The car went slightly airborne; and with my tires slightly to the left; and landed pretty heavy and the car fucking skidded.

I was like, "Oh fuck, this is it." All four tires freaking locked and i skidded like nobody's business. I slammed on the brakes and tried to counter-steer to no avail; and I fucking crashed on the curb. I just sat there, all numb and in shock. Got down the car to check the front for damages but couldn't find any. Weird aye?

Drove all the way to OneU to meet up with Maril and Laurie with them front tires out of alignment (they wiggle about). Still managed to drive back up to Klang for bak kut teh with Maril, Stephlynn and her mates. Went home pretty late and told my parents; they weren't convinced that I skidded and didn't crash. Haha.

Woke the next morning and dad confronted me just I was about to leave for college. Apparantly a huge chunk of the right rim came off (no wonder I couldn't find any damages) and he started screwing me, threatening to ban me from driving and all that.

I took the train that day, and May Lyn and Daryl sent me home all the way from college (merci beaucoup! :D) Guess what I found? The car sat fully serviced on the porch. And Dad gave me permission to drive again. Woot! Still feel bad though for not telling them the whole truth. After all I would have gotten a lot more worst than this. But oh well.

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Monday, 5 January 2009

First Day

First day... ain't so bad.

Had my very first French lesson with Ms Tan Ying Ying (xD). Learnt some of the basic greetings like bonjour, bonne nuit, je m'appelle and all that. She seems kinda serious though. I had a phrasebook and May Lyn attempted to asked her (in French, of course) whether she's married. She got all bothered and blabbered back something in French and something else in English in the lines of "I'm still young okay" or that kinda thing. Jeez girl, relax!

Had Customer Relations & Sales with one Mr Eugene. Nothing much, just an introductory class although I've got a feeling its gonna be pretty dry with him around.

We were suppose to have Pastry but due to some crap happening we ended up watching Kartina whipped up kuih talam. Like wtf? xD I don't wanna make some Malay kuih la. I want French pastries like mille-feuille, croissants, petit fours and all that. Sadly, she said we're gonna go fusion this term. Gosh. Oh well :)

Wondering what's in store for me this year? New year, new start :)

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    hospitality management at taylor's
    enjoys good food, cooks up a storm (with a lil bit of luck), listens to music, meet new mates, loves having fun

i want...

    to speak fluent French
    to get my braces done
    ESP LTD M-50 electric guitar
    Kustom Arrow-16 practice amp
    a nice, sleek black blazer for formal wear
    zwilling chef knifes

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